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Mommy Owns my Butt – CaraDay

Cara is a grown woman, but she still cant help but sass her step-mom Selina. Especially when step-mom catches Cara smoking in her room. Step-Mommy Selina is so fed up with Caras misbehaving, she knows theres only one thing to do to fix this bratty attitude, A SPANKING

Step-Mom grabs Cara by the arm and pulls her over her knee, Cara protests and tries to fight back, but her step-mom holds her in place, saying that if she was really a big girl who didnt need to be spanked, then she would behave! Clearly she wasnt to grown up if she has so much sass for her step-mom. The spankings begin, and the scolding, Cara continues to protest about how embarrassing this is, but step-mommy Selina shows no sign of slowing down. Cara begins to kick and shout over moms knee when her panties are pulled all the way down and step-mommy just spanks harder and harder, till Caras on the verge of tears. Finally step-mom stops spanking, but she’s not done with Cara yet. She gets Cara on all fours, kneels down behind Cara, puts her hands on her hips, and begins humping her step-daughter’s butt, doggy-style. “I am your step-mother…and your butt is mine,whenever I want it!” Cara is shocked, but doesn’t resist and they both climax together while humping.

After, Step-Mom sits with Cara in her lap, reminding her why she had to get a spanking in the first place and making sure Caras learned her lesson. Step-Mom warns that if Cara acts up again the spankings will be in front of Caras friends. Cara looks in horror at her step-mom and starts to protest- but is quickly pulled back over her moms knee again for another round of spankings, clearly Cara hasnt learned her lesson about talking back!

Cara Day, Selina


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