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Milking machine, Nipple Torture, Vacuum Device

In a sexual context, a milking machine is a (sometimes fictional) machine designed to ‘milk’ a male penis or female breasts. The machine stimulates the subject sexually, who is usually restrained and completely helpless, until thte male ejaculates or, in the case of some females, produces actual milk. The milking of males to the point of ejaculation is often (portrayed, described and/or imagined to be) repeated, bringing the subject to experience not only one, but a series of intense orgasms, and finally total sexual exhaustion.

The concept is found in erotic/pornographic BDSM art (such as drawings, rendered art), sometimes also in narrative form (comics, manga and BDSM stories) and in video form (hentai anime and filmed BDSM videos). It seems to be connected to a variety of BDSM subjects, but also has a strong focus on the subject of male virility. Variants of the same or similar concept for female subjects are usually called sex machines (or fucking machines).