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Extreme Thrashing Pt2 Nylon Worship – StephanieBC

Custom video script This will continue from where we left off – i.e. you have just finished showing me a few implements and just how hard you will beat me. You now give a series of POV style thrashings mixed in with rewards of nylon worship. Maybe 4 sessions of punishment ion total (this will be split across clips 2 and 3). You now begin begin by showing me which implements you plan to use, and describe in detail what you will do – number of strokes, how hard, how long etc and then tell me the reward I will get afterwards if I take it all to please you. You can use large numbers – such as 15 minutes of hairbrush over your knee, 100 with belt, 200 with crop, 250 with cane etc!!!

Each punishment will get a reward: e.g. nylon foot worship, nylon leg worship, nylon ass worship (after you remove your skirt) and finally nylon facesitting – where you tell me to jerk off and cum while you sit on my face full weight. After each worship session, you sit back down and explain the next punishment in detail and ask if I want to continue – getting stricter and stricter and warning me it is going to get more and more severe. Each time will be a harder implement and the punishments will get longer – each time I foolishly agree to continue!! For each punishment, you maybe give several strokes in POV style and if possible you cut to the end of a punishment to show the last lot of say 20 strokes.

E.g. you tell me I am going to have to take 100 strokes of the crop, starting with a few batches of 5, then 10 and then finishing off with 20 in a row – but only show start and the end … unless your arm is feeling strong, in which case by all means show all 100! After two rounds of punishment and worship – you lift your skirt to show me your nylon ass but tell me we are now having a break. You have some business to attend to … I must wait and when you return, you promise me an even harsher thrashing

Stephanie Bonham Carter

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