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Long Term Pony Girl Training Part Two – Restrainedelegance

Naked, collared, cuffed and chained to the ceiling, Ariel awakens back in the pony girl prison cell. She tests her bonds, but the cuffs are securely padlocked in place and there’s no way to even reach the attachment point of the chain in the ceiling. She has no idea where she is or how long she has been here. Is she underground? It’s so cold! Why is she here? Is it because she wouldn’t wear the pony girl harness? That must be it!

She might be here for days! She was expecting some light bondage for her kinky weekend, not being trained by a cold-hearted and mean dominant to be a proper pony girl!

Her captor appears brandishing a leather riding crop. He orders her to present her posterior for a few punishment swats- but it is clear that his intention is to force her to wear the hated pony harness! He lays it down on the floor in front of her and unchains her collar- just so that she can stand up and put on the outfit.

Obedient now she locks the head harness on herself, feeling herself start the transformation into a full pony slave. Piece by piece she dons the heavy black leather harness, each step sending her further and further down the road to submission.

When she is clad her captor helps her into her riding boots, then clips a leash to her collar and leads her from the dungeon through into the pony exercise yard. Once again he goes through the rules, and explains that she is to be trained to walk elegantly in the manner of pony dressage.

Exactingly and precisely there follows an extended pony training session as Ariel learns the tricks and presentation she will require as a dressage pony girl to make her master proud!

The trainer punishes her when she falls short of the required standard, whipping her breasts and ass with the riding crop. She talks too much so she is gagged with a bit gag even when there is a rule against unsolicited talking. Ariel’s fine rump is roundly punished to make her mend her ways!

The session ends with some position training before Ariel is taken back to her dungeon and chained up, still in her pony harness, to rest for the night.

Amelia Jane Rutherford, Hywel Phillips


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