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Your Giant Girlfriend’s Giant Feet – Ariel Anderssen Studio

Well, you wanted me to be bigger, and you got your wish. I must be 8ft tall now at least! Coming in through the door (and having to stoop in order to fit) I parade in front of you. I’m wearing platform heels, just to make the whole effect even more dramatic. Then I sit down and put my feet up right in your field of vision! Look how big they are now!! I take off my shoes and show you my giant bare feet, before telling you that I want you to worship them. Maybe now that I’m bigger, I’ll have bigger reactions to sexy foot worship. As you go ahead with licking, sucking and kissing my feet, I tell you how I want to get even bigger. As big as the house maybe, or even more massive. And the bigger I get, the more I’ll want you to worship my ever-increasing bare feet. I expect I’ll have a giant orgasm if you keep on the way you’re going!

Amelia Jane Rutherford

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