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Your (Embarrassed, Naked) Boss – Ariel Anderssen Studio

I’ve just jumped out of the shower in the upstairs apartment of the office building where I run my company. But someone’s taken my clothes! ALL of them! What am I going to do? I can’t have anyone seeing their boss naked, it’s too, too shameful and embarrassing! Just as I’m trying to make a plan, an employee appears. I don’t know which parts of myself to prioritise covering, and my hands aren’t doing a very good job in any case. Then I realise, with mortification, that the employee’s got an erection (the shame!) and I flee from the room and through the apartment, desperately trying to find some clothes to put on. Downstairs, I continue my hunt, but I have no luck. I race through the corridors, into the gym, the kitchen, the staff room… There’s nothing! Thank God no people are around though. Then I remember: I’m sure we store some spare cleaners’ clothes under the sofa in the staff room! I crawl under the sofa to investigate…And get stuck!!!!

Wriggling around, desperate, naked, and completely wedged under the sofa, it’s then that my employees and colleagues arrive. They mustn’t see me like this! Pleading with them to go away, I can’t protect my nudity from their prying eyes when I’m stuck like this. And then, the final indignity, one of them puts a finger where they *absolutely* shouldn’t! I can’t have an orgasm in front of all my employees, while naked and stuck under a sofa. I just CAN’T!

Amelia Jane Rutherford

Ariel Anderssen Studio

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