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You Lust For Auntie’s Shoes – Ariel Anderssen Studio

Dressed in short red skirt, bare legs and high heels, I enter my bedroom to find you in a highly excited state, sniffing rapturously at my tan high heeled shoes. You’re afraid I’ll tell everyone, but nothing could be further from my mind. I’ve ALWAYS known you had a thing for my shoes, and now, I can take full advantage of your obsession. Slipping off my black patent high heels, I show you how they’re still warm from my feet, and how you can see the imprint of my foot on the inside. I encourage you to sniff the shoes and fuck them, while I tease you by slipping on the other high heels, and popping my heels in and out of the leather sheath the shoes provide. It’s altogether too exciting for you, you’re soon overcome with lust. Which is just how I planned it.

Amelia Jane Rutherford

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