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Embarrassement With Pants Down 4K – Ariel Anderssen Studio

The school nurse and I are not good friends. As a member of the teaching staff, I feel as though I outrank her, and now that I need her help, I wish I hadn’t made that so clear. But a naughty student left a drawing pin on the seat of my chair, and I sat on it, and when jumped up I banged my wrist very hard. So I need to get it bandaged. The school nurse does so, grudgingly, but then asks to inspect the puncture wound on my butt! Very reluctantly, I pull down my tailored pants, and she inspects my panty-clad bottom. How embarrassing – she makes me point out exactly where the drawing pin went in! And THEN, she announces I’ll need a tetanus shot! Without inviting me to pull my trousers up, she takes me to another room (I follow her awkwardly with my pants still around my thighs). There, she has me bend over, before pulling down my satin panties (THE SHAME!) and injecting both sides of my ass with her hypodermic syringe. I’m so mortified that I don’t realise she’s finished, which prompts her to tell me to pull my panties and pants up, just as though I was some sort of recreational exhibitionist! What a thoroughly embarrassing day; I’m absolutely mortified!

Amelia Jane Rutherford, Zoe Page

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