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A Stolen Night With You – Ariel Anderssen Studio

I’m at an airport hotel, flying early tomorrow morning. And I’d desperately hoped you’d be able to join me for one more night together before my long work trip abroad. It wasn’t to be, but now, alone in my hotel room, it’s all too easy to imagine what would have happened. I’ll be modelling nude while I’m away, so a lot of the activities we’d normally enjoy together (spanking, caning, belt-whipping, bondage) are off limits – I can’t be marked. But I want you so much that the prospect of vanilla sex is still wildly, wildly exciting. As I describe what we’d do, I strip out of my short tea dress and start fondling my naked body, imagining your hands all over me. Soon, I’m imagining your fingers slipping into my pussy, and that just makes me long even more for you to fuck me. Which of course you do. As I imagine how you’d fuck me, I hold my vibrator on my pussy and describe every heavenly second of our encounter. Since you can’t bruise me, how will you show me that you’re the boss? Because you know it’s that knowledge that will make me cum…

Amelia Jane Rutherford

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