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You Must Be Forgiven – Universal Spanking and Punishments

Previously, Rachel Nova was given a heated spanking punishment in “Spank the Sinner” because she was caught making out with a boy behind the church! Now she’s in even more hot water when her Dad finds her reading a book that he deems immoral. The small town pastor scolds Rachel for the ongoing defiance and takes her right over his knee for a solid spanking that immediately turns that bare bottom red!

Rachel struggled to keep her composure during the hand spanking and things became more intense for the worldly girl when her Dad grabbed two leather paddles to tan those cheeks! Bare bottom spankings hurt, and they sting even worse when there’s a paddling involved. To make matters worse, Rachel’s strict dad peeled off his leather belt and he whipped that bare bottom good, sizzling every inch of that exposed behind! And even though that spanking burned like fire, Rachel lashed back at her Dad by confessing that she still loved the boy that she was forbidden to see! Surely there would be painful consequences for talking back to her dad,…consequences that would involve additional corporal punishment!

Rachel Nova

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