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Veronica Caught Camming by Step-Mom – Spanking House Productions

Beautiful Veronica is caught in front of her laptop, putting on a cam show as Step-Mom Elizabeth walks in. At first, Veronica lies, saying that she was just “talking” with her boyfriend. Step-Mom isn’t going to fall for it, especially since her step-daughter was thanking “Hotrod” as she was wiggles and swats her own bottom. Elizabeth gets the truth out of her step-daughter and lets her know that she’s going to get a spanking that isn’t going to be the sexy kind that she was giving herself in front of the camera.

Elizabeth takes her naughty step-daughter across her lap, spanking her with her very firm and capable hand while Veronica’s thong is still in place. Veronica fusses and carries on, earning herself a further spanking with the hairbrush that she was playing with during her cam show. Step-Mom’s hairbrush spanking is much harder than the light, little swats that Veronica was giving herself for her show. Though the thong leaves Veronica’s bottom completely bare, Elizabeth finally pulls it down all the way to add the element of embarrassment to her step-daughter’s punishment.

Miss Elizabeth, Veronica Weston

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