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The New Girl, Casey – LBC Fetish

Slave Chrissy brings the new girl Casey in on a leash. They’re both naked. I send Chrissy off to finish her chores while I test out the new girl. I shackle her hands and attach them overhead to the bondage post. I explore her body with my hands. She’s responsive to my touch…a good sign. When I rub her pussy, she pushes against my hand and moans. Another good sign! I turn her around. Her ass is nice and round, and as I squeeze it and spread it, I discover it’s very firm and bouncy. I give it a light spanking. I decide it needs an accessory. I have a large metal plug with a pink jewel that I feel will go well with her clear pink collar. I spread her ass cheeks. I put no lube on her puckered little hole. Just a tiny dab on the plug. No fingering, no ‘warm-up’. I place the tip of the plug in the center of her sphincter and start applying pressure. And in it goes without a peep of complaint. And it looks darn good it there I have to say. Then I can’t resist…I have to give those buns some more color…a nice rosy shade of pink. A good old fashioned hand spanking does the trick. Now it’s time to find out how sexually responsive she is. I already have a pretty good idea about that… I plug in the Hitachi. I slowly run it over her body…lightly grazing her skin. Up and down her inner thighs, getting ever closer to her pussy. When I’ve teased her enough I touch it to her sweet spot…but just barely…so she has to thrust her hips out hungrily. She’s definitely ready! I place it just the right spot and let it do what it does. Her body reacts. Her hips grind against it. Her mouth opens and her stomach muscles contract. She moans with pleasure till she finally asks if she can cum. I tell her ‘cum for me slut’ and like a good girl, she does…hard. Well I’ve found out, she certainly is a responsive little thing! I release her and have her kneel. First in her submissive sitting pose, then head to the floor, ass up. I test her plug…still in there nice and tight. I walk around and have her place her face on my boots. And that’s pretty much it. She did tell me after that my boots felt nice and soft on her face.

Casey Calvert, Chrissy Marie

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