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The Neighborhood “Witch” – Melody hairbrush spanks Ten Amorette! – Ten Amorette’s Punishment Playhouse

Ten is the newbie in the apartment complex and is minding her own business when a knock sounds on her door. Upon opening it, she knows that this will not be pleasant as a red-headed woman walks right by her into her apartment without being invited in and appears to be fuming. This puts Ten on the defensive right away. The woman announces that she is her neighbor and that she hasn’t slept in 3 weeks to which Ten has a snotty reply. Melody blames it on the loud music that Ten plays and the parties she throws. Their exchange gets more and more heated with Melody even grabbing one of Ten’s braids to try to emphasize her point. Finally she just hauls off and pulls Ten over her lap and starts spanking her tight biker short clad bottom. Shocked and confused, Ten struggles and yelps at each biting slap. It doesn’t stop her from being a smart mouth though, for after a few minutes of spanking, Ten’s tongue is still not tamed. So, Melody pulls down her shorts and bares her bouncing buxom cheeks. With no layer of protection as her hand rains down stinging blow after stinging blow, Ten’s stubbornness begins to fade as she kicks, squeals, and cries out. After a few minutes of that reddening her bubble butt, Melody announces that it is hurting her hand. She grabs Ten’s own hairbrush off the end table and let’s her bare bottom have it with that! Ten’s really showing a change of attitude now as her cheeks move to avoid the implement, growing a darker shade of red by the minute. Ten is subdued for now and then Melody gives her 10 more good whacks, making her count them. Finally, she lets her up and her hands shoot straight to her burning bottom. She continues to rub her sore cheeks as Melody lets herself out.

Melody Nore, Ten Amorette

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