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The Implement Shopping Network – Amelia Jane gets paddled – Ten Amorette’s Punishment Playhouse

Welcome to the Implement Shopping Network, where one can purchase everything for their spanking play needs! Billy Joe and Amelia Jane bring you today a “real beginner’s implement” something that’s very “sensual”. Billy Joe demonstrates swatting her 5 times over the leggy blonde’s pretty white dress. But wait? Is she writhing in pleasure or pain? It’s difficult to tell, her words describe how much she enjoys it, but her body language seems to contend that.

Amelia Jane then gives a little spiel about how the paddle is the best for consensual pain before bending over for another 5. The camera zooms in as she takes the next 5 swats. Again, she says she enjoys it, but there is a hint of a strain in her voice. They reach their target, so the skirt goes up for the next 10 swats. She tries to stall, but Billy Joe will have none of it. Even the 1st swat over her white panties and milky skin, makes her laugh it off. After the 5th swat, she’s jumping up and down and her bottom is a bright red, but she’s being adamant that she is enjoying herself. She sits down again, gingerly and explains the next round will be ” super sensual” and she’ll be moving her legs apart a bit wider for the next round over her panties.

Her cries sound a bit more out of pain than ecstacy, but she assures us that she’s feeling aroused. When he finishes he announces that they’ve reached their target for Amelia Jane’s panties to come down! She tries to get out of this part of the demonstration, but Billy Joe becomes more aggressive in insisting that she take part. The last ten swats switch between watching her bare bottom whacked by the paddle and her facial expressions as she struggles to maintain composure and hold back tears. She pulls herself together as Billy Joe tells the viewers to tune in next week. Amelia Jane announces with feigned enthusiasm, ” We’ll be doing canes!”

Amelia Jane Rutherford

Ten Amorette's Punishment Playhouse

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