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The Family Silver (LP-020) Lupus Pictures

The period layout of a rococo burgrave’s residence is a stimulating setting for a first-class spanking story. And such a story is just what you expect from Lupus Pictures. This movie will not let you down; it overflows with harsh beatings of punished girls, their nakedness, their pain and humiliation. But that’s not all. It’s built around a compelling story. You will meet other spicy characters including cruel grooms, a cunning scrivener and a rough smith, mercilessly whipping girls tied to a bench. And then there is the landlord himself, the arbiter of life and death to all his servants. This time, four maids have fallen into his clutches. These lovely village girls tremble with fear before their lecherous lord, who lives only for gluttony and riotous life.

Their situation is serious. There are teaspoons missing from the canteen. The maids are stubborn, and deny all responsibility – but are they telling the truth? The scrivener brings their belongings, but the spoons are nowhere to be found. And because the maids refuse to cooperate, the grooms are called to haul the girls over the coals. The girls end up naked and tied to a railing with a thick rope.

The spoons still cannot be found. But there comes a surprise – a gold coin rolls out from among the clothes bags. Where has it come from?

The landlord ponders, and when one of the girls admits that the coin was hers, he demands a thorough examination. Ashamed, the girls cry, beg and pray. But it is no use. They must all endure the scrivener’s hand, and he does not spare even the most intimate spots. But still no spoons…

An oak bench is brought in. While the landlord devours his roast meat, the poor maids are bound again. Their pretty legs are grabbed by the dirty grooms and the smith lashes their trembling bottoms with a switch. Every swish leaves its track on a girl’s backside, eliciting cries and yelps. But not a one will admit her blame. In the end they lie on the floor, naked and pitiful.

The spoons are still nowhere to be seen…

Finally, the third girl cannot stand the pain any more. Between bursts of crying and screaming, she confesses that she stole the spoons. She is fastened to a pillar with iron handcuffs while the other maids are beaten. All of them, poor girls, must suffer the merciless beatings they are given. As the rough switch stripes the tender backside of the last maid, the others are still writhing in pain on the wooden bench. Then, the girls are dragged rather than led out.

In the end, you will learn the truth. No, we won’t tell you. What kind of tale would it be if you knew the end in advance? But you can be sure that “The Family Silver” will hit the spot. It has all the features you expect from our movies. And as usual, something more. Don’t miss it!

File Name : LP-020.mp4
File Size : 845.84 MB
Resolution : 640×480
Duration : 00:35:50
Video : AVC, 2 975 kb/s, 25.000 FPS
Audio : AAC, 320 kb/s (CBR), 44.1 kHz, 2 channels, 1 stream

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