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Surprise Surprise!!! Kiki’s in Trouble AGAIN!!! Full Movie – Spanking House Productions

Kiki was supposed to be ready to go out to dinner and meet with her cousins who are in town. Step-Mom finds her just playing on her phone, and far from ready to go out to dinner. Kiki receives a brief scolding and then takes a trip across Step-Mom’s capable knee. First, she feels the sting of Step-Mom’s hand over her little panties, and then she hears Step-Mom say, “Surprise, surprise! Your panties are coming down!” as they are peeled down to expose her little bottom to Step-Mom’s stinging hand. Step-Mom Elizabeth realizes that her hand isn’t going to deliver enough of a lesson, so she sends Kiki to the kitchen to bring back the wooden spoon. Kiki is made to ask for a wooden spoon spanking, to add to the humiliation!

Though the wooden spoon does a fine job on Kiki’s bottom, Step-Mom has had it with Kiki’s lies, so a mouthsoaping is in order as well! And, after Kiki drops the “f-bomb” during the spanking, Elizabeth has even more reason to soap her naughty step-daughter’s mouth.

The mouthsoaping is long and intense! Kiki is soaped and sudsed over and over again! She drools and slobbers into the sink as Step-Mom continues with soaping that filthy mouth of hers. Kiki won’t be telling lies or swearing anytime soon after this lesson learned the hard way!

Kiki Cali, Miss Elizabeth

Spanking House Productions

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