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Sugar baby pacified and punished spr-2071 Mommysarahspanks

Vicky (Ashleigh) has now accepted that for the time being her life has changed and she is now my little girl. She still tries to rebel but I put her firmly in her place. This time I caught her dancing when she should have been helping me and she has run up a big bill buying sexy underwear. She needs to be punished so I make her stand in the glass doorway so everyone can see her and I put her pacifier in her mouth then turn her over my knees and spank her. She tries to get around me, flaunting her body and big breasts but I don’t fall for this. In her bedroom she has to go over my knees for a spanking that will leave her red and in tears before she has to do something to please me.

Ashleigh, Sarah Stern

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