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Slutty wife gets punishment SPANKING – Deliciously Deviant

We had been out with friends at a local pub but the wife has had too many drinks and been acting like a cheap little slut, blatantly flirting and flashing other men in the pub. I’m seriously unamused by her antics and decide she needs punishing. She wearing a short tartan dress and sexy heels so, to her credit, she does look stunning.

I demand that she goes upstairs and assumes the position over the bed, waiting for her punishment. When I arrive I lift the dress up to reveal her little white panties. The spanking is hard and sustained. Her cheeks go very red early on. There is some dialog between us as I need her to understand what she’s done wrong and that I will not accept it.

I then pull her panties up into her crack to expose more cheek and continue. As I’m now enjoying the sight of her bare red bum cheeks I next lower her panties to her knees, spread her cheeks wide to expose her pussy and asshole. Then continue with a lot more spanking, getting ever hard.

This clip is pure bare-bottom spanking. There are shots from three angles so you see footage that is full length (her bent over in heels), close-ups of her bum cheeks being spanked and also her facial expressions which are PRICELESS!

Lucy Lauren

Deliciously Deviant

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