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Slave 293 – Work Placement – Ariel Anderssen Studio

After months of training at the Academy of Slave Training, I’m out on my first work placement, with the famous, demanding, dominant, Sir Edward. I’ve heard lots of things about how high your standards are, and am determined to please you. I arrive, wearing high heels, black holdup stockings, my shiny trench coat mack and nothing else underneath. After asking me some questions about my training, you direct me to strip out of my coat as sexily as possible, and then to display my body for you, to excite you. I’m delighted to show you all the things I’ve learned, and very excited to discover that you’re aroused – did I really do that?? At your command, I caress your cock with my hands before using my mouth; this feels amazing! I lick your balls, then lick up the shaft of your cock and suck on the head. I feel like a real slavegirl, hooray! Next, you tell me to spank myself in a variety of positions. I like to imagine it’s because you want to spank me, and perhaps you will soon, if I put on a good show! But right in the middle of the sexy self spanking, I realise a terrible thing. The collar I was meant to wear for this assignment isn’t around my neck! It’s still in the pocket of my coat! I quickly apologise to you, grab the collar and put it straight on. But goodness, am I in trouble now? I really hope you won’t tell the Academy, I’m sure I’d be very severely punished for such a basic, beginner’s mistake! You tell me to pick up the leather paddle and continue to spank myself with it – I wonder if that’s the punishment for forgetting my collar? But then you surprise me by telling me you want to see me masturbate. I didn’t know that was ever allowed! And once I start, I realise that putting on a show for you has turned me on very very much, and that the possibility that you might punish me for my mistake just turns me on more! I share these thoughts with you as I play with my pussy, fingering myself until I’m close to cumming. And then, most surprising of all, you hand me a vibrator and tell me to bring myself to orgasm. What a treat! Vibrators aren’t allowed in the academy, so the feeling is extra delicious, as I put myself into a series of positions I hope you’ll like while using the vibrator. And WHAT AN AMAZING ORGASM!! I can’t believe being a submissive can be this much fun! And when you tell me to resume sucking your cock, I’m more than happy to oblige. I love it, and I want you to cum in my mouth, and all over my face! My wish is soon granted, and I lick up all your cum and swallow it – it just feels like the most polite thing to do, and if I’m honest, I really like the taste, and the feeling of having pleased you. Will you ask the Academy for a session with me again, Sir? I really hope so! I’ve had the best time EVER!

Amelia Jane Rutherford

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