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Schoolgirl Spanking – SuzannaMax

rabbit has been called in to see Me. her nervous smile gives off a sweet sense of bravado however it isn’t long before she remembers that she is here for being repeatedly tardy and her smile swaps to a grimace as I lay out her punishment in the simplest of terms. A crisp white shirt, tight pencil skirt, black stilettos and spectacles set the tone with assertive authority. I instruct her to stand, and to present herself across My knee. I pull down her white panties every so slowly…….. each second feeling like 10 minutes. I redden her cheeks with My palm, she stifles a little whimper with each smack. her privates I can feel her pushing down onto My thigh, I increase the intensity as it certainly isn’t supposed to be for her pleasure. The colour rushes to her bottom, little bruises appearing where each strike has landed. I swap to a heavy book, she must be struck with three different implements. One for each tardy mark in the register this week. her legs are shaking and her cries and no longer whimpers but pain induced sobs. I finish with a vicious wooden paddle that is only for repeat offenders….. the marks and memories it leaves are unique!!!! Perfect for punishing the naughtiest of girls!!!

Suzanna Maxwell

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