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Sammie and Liesje Real-life-spankings

Sometimes things just turn out different then you had planned which can be fun. I called Sammie over to discuss her behaviour and the little madam overslept again and was two hours late. Over my knee she went and when I was tanning her bottom but good, Liesje showed up totally out of the blue wanting a spanking. As soon as I finished with Sammie, I put her across my knee and gave her a good spanking. Sammie was put in the corner during Liesje’s spanking and I told her to remain there while Liesje and I enjoyed a cup of coffee downstairs. You would think this was the end but no… When we came back upstairs, the little minx was sitting behind my desk chatting away. I gave Sammie a sound bare bottom leather paddling and she was put on one of our dreaded punishment stools. I put Liesje on one as well towards the end so she can feel what it is like should she deserve time on it

Liesje, Sammie

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