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Random 21 (2021) – DFP Productions

It’s been too long since DFP did one of its unscripted, who knows how it will turn out challenges! So, today we’re going to fix that! Sablique Von Lux and Sophia Sweet are playing some good old-fashioned 21! The rules are simple enough: the woman that loses a round needs to give up an item of clothing! There’s just one little catch though: if either player loses a hand and has nothing to give up, she faces a penalty! Neither lady knows what the penalty is, and so the end of the game is unknown even to them! So we’ll all watch and wonder who wins, who loses, and what the penalty the loser will have to pay is!

Sablique Von Lux, Seph, Sophia Sweet

File Name : Random 21.mp4
File Size : 1832.64 MB
Resolution : 1920×1080
Duration : 00:20:43

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