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Queer Spanking + Fingerbanging Hookup – Rococoroyalle

Nadine and Rococo met online. After some small talk and net flirting, they decided to meet for coffee and a smoke. You see, they have a bit in common; they’re both hairy and chain smoke American Spirits like there’s no tomorrow. Nadine is going through a breakup, and Rococo volunteers to part of the healing process. They decide to take Nadine home to have a nice cathartic fuck. The two of them make out furiously, pulling each other close and bursting with need and intention. Rococo is sensitive with Nadine, making sure she’s okay with the play. After ripping each other out of their clothes, Rococo flips Nadine over against the counter and spanks her ass, bringing the red to the surface of her skin. Nadine screams and trembles with every hit, until Rococo sits her down and takes off her boots, resting them on their chest while slowly pulling the lacing from every eyelet. Rococo then leads Nadine to the next room, throwing her on the couch and grabbing their black latex gloves and dental dams. After some messy spit and oral fingering play, Rococo goes down on Nadine’s covered pussy, grabbing her thighs and digging their face in between them. Rococo then fingers her, starting with one finger and adding more as Nadine rocks back and forth on them. Rococo pulls and twists Nadine’s nipples and spits on face and chest until she comes hard on their hand, squeezing their pelvic muscles tightly around it. Rococo climbs on top of Nadine and kisses her before having her clean her juice from the tight black gloves with her wet tongue.

Nadine Crass, Rococo Royalle

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