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Punished by Husand For Failing Exam – Ariel Anderssen Studio

I’ve been doing a course in web management and when I get home, I try to avoid my husband, he’s sure to want to know how I did. And there’s no way I want to tell him. But he’s anticipated the result; he’s already prepared an envelope for me to open in the event of my failing. And the list of punishments inside are only the beginning, he’s prepared a physical punishment too! I just knew he’d use the opportunity to do some of the BDSM activities that I’m not a fan of. What a beast! Before I know it, I’m stripped down to my tan pantyhose and high heels, and my hands are tied behind me. And my husband starts to ask me a sequence of impossibly difficult questions about the internet. It’s so unfair, and for every wrong answer, he punishes me.

First a hard spanking, while I kneel on the floor with my head down. Then horrible clover clamps on my nipples. A crotch rope. Nipple weights! Today is just getting worse and worse! And he’s just getting started; next he’s marching me to my dance room, where he ties me, strappado-style to my dance pole. This is just insulting! And then he really goes to town with a variety of spanking implements while I’m ballgagged so I can’t complain. Finally, he pulls down my pantyhose, snips off my panties, and as a final insult, stuffs a vibrator down my tights so I eventually orgasm despite the cruel treatment. The indignity!!

Amelia Jane Rutherford, Hywel Phillips

Ariel Anderssen Studio

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