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Naughty Little Angelica – Mommaspankings

Breakfast is ready and Angelica is nowhere to be found. She is in her bedroom eating a cereal bar instead. She has been warned not to eat in bed but decided to break the rules anyway. Mommy comes in and is very upset with her naughty girl for being so disobedient by not coming downstairs when asked to. After scolding her, she takes the naughty little girl over her lap for a deserved spanking. Angelica is spanked over her PJs, then on the bare, exposed bottom with the firm maternal hand. Next, she is told to ask Mommy to spank her with the hairbrush and Angelica finds this so embarrassing! The sore buttocks glow red with shame from the hard brush spanking and Mommy leaves her to rub her aching bottom better before getting ready to come downstairs.

Angelica Vee, Katherine Worthington

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