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My maid gets the strap spr-2053 English-spankers

Ash Fox has had her first experience of working as a cleaner and maid to Sarah and is not at all impressed, indeed she is now cleaning the house with her bare spanked bottom on display, she is dreading Sarah’s return knowing she has more punishment to come. Sure enough Sarah lives up to her reputation of being rather nasty and vindictive, well she is a lady who just loves to punish and frighten people and Ash is certainly frightened. She is told that before she leaves her work that day she will be stripped of her uniform and placed over the end of the sofa. There she will be strapped till her bare bottom is on fire and she has some real red marks to show for her day with Sarah. That’s just what happens and the beating is just about as much as she can take.

Ashley Benson, Sarah Stern

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