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Mommy’s Special Cream – Spankedanddiapered

Teen Ella is getting ready for a date. She’s finished her makeup, but wants to put on a special touch. She borrowed her step-mother’s bespoke face cream her step-mom always looks beautiful and youthful. She hardly looks a day over 20, to be honest, and puts the other moms to shame. So, Ella pats some of the strong smelling cream into her skin. She’s soon feeling a bit funny…

Later, her step-mother, Lilly, comes to check on her. She finds Ella deeply regressed. She’s a blissed out baby, chewing on the end of a makeup brush without a care in the world. Lilly’s face cream is magic: it’s been really reducing her age. Unfortunately, taking that many years off Ella’s age leaves her a babbling baby.

Lilly tests her but Ella is too little to walk or talk. She’s fussing when Step-Mommy takes away the makeup, though, and soon earns a spanking, especially for playing with Step-Mommy’s special things! But Lilly can’t leave infantilized Ella without protection. She’s sure to wet herself. She finds a baby Pampers and manages to get Ella into it. Diapered up, the little one seems content.

This cream usually works for about a month, so Lilly starts making plans. She’ll have to pull her step-daughter from school…and get plenty of diapers! But oh, isn’t it nice when they’re little? She’s so cute and innocent. Maybe Step-Mommy will just keep Ella like this forever.

Ella Raine, Lilly Calloway


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