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“Mistress” Gets a Spanking from Mom – Spanking House Productions

Rachel has been acting in a suspicious manner lately, so Mom Elizabeth followed her to a location which turns out to be not only Rachel’s place of employment, but also a DUNGEON! Mom is appalled at the thought of her daughter working in such a place, but asks her Dominatrix daughter just what she does with the men who come to see her. Rachel tells her mother that she restrains them on the St. Andrew’s Cross and spanks them! Well, Elizabeth isn’t having any of it, and she decides that it’s Rachel’s turn for a spanking! The scolding continues as Rachel is taken over Mom’s lap, right there in the Dungeon, to receive a spanking with Mom’s firm hand as well as a leather spanking paddle that Elizabeth found in Rachel’s equipment bag. Though Rachel tries to explain through her sobbing that she’s earning money for college, her mother feels there are other ways for her daughter to earn a respectable living. Elizabeth gives her “Mistress” daughter a solid round of discipline and tells Rachel that she won’t be working at a Dungeon any longer. Once the spanking is over, Rachel rubs her sore, bare bottom. Elizabeth, who is determined to get her daughter into regular clothes and back home, grabs her daughter by the wrist and leads her off.

Miss Elizabeth, Rachel Adams

Spanking House Productions

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