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Linny Spanked By Daddy – Cheerleaderspankings

Previously, Linny had been punished by assistant coach Alex Reynolds for her laziness and lack of teamwork ethics at Cheer Camp. Her daddy is informed of the punishment and he is so upset at sending his little girl to this expensive camp that he drives 4 hours to confront his wayward daughter. His disappointment is obvious and Linny is embarrassed that her behavior caused him to see her in person. She knows this means he is going to spank her too and she is quickly taken over his lap as the spanking and scolding begins. Her sore bottom is spanked, first over her panties, then with them removed once more as a lesson like this is only ever learnt on the bare! Her punishment doesn’t end here though, the dreaded bath brush which is used to punish her at home is brought by daddy. He uses this hard on her reddened cheeks until tears start to well up and daddy is convinced that Linny has learnt her lesson! Seeing genuine tears from Linny is rare; this video has the right balance of scolding, hand and wooden brush spankings to bring them out!

John Osborne, Linny Lace

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