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Knickers up knickers down caning spr-2070 Mommysarahspanks

After being discovered sniffing Step Mommy Sarah’s knickers and playing with herself on the bed Kayleth is promised a very painful and different punishment. The poor girl stands in the corner awaiting her fate. The cane is produced and she is told what will happen. This will be fast and hard as she will get a cane stroke over her flimsy knickers, she must then remove them and bend over for the next and then put them back on for the next and so on till the punishment is complete. It is nasty and painful and when it’s over she is allowed to sit on step Mommy’s knee and even gets some kisses and strokes to ease her pain before being taken to the bedroom where she has promised to please step Mommy Sarah.

Kayleth, Sarah Stern

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