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Johnny Spanked by Step-Momma E – Spanking House Productions

Elizabeth gets home from work to find her lazy step-son, Johnny, sitting on the couch playing on his phone rather than having gotten the kitchen cleaned and the dishes done while his Step-Momma was at the office. Step-Momma Elizabeth is far from happy with her step-son’s laziness, and let’s Johnny know that he’s not only going to do the dishes, but he’s going to get a spanking over her knee first!

Johnny fusses about the idea of a spanking as he feels he’s too old for such punishment. His Step-Momma isn’t going to let him talk his way out of this punishment, and she takes him over her knee for a solid spanking! The spanking starts over his pants, but soon he’s getting spanked over his silly boxers, and then on his bare bottom! Johnny is very expressive during his spanking, and you’ll see plenty of facial expressions from him and hear him “Oooooch” and “OUCH” throughout his punishment.

Step-Momma E isn’t satisfied just delivering a hand spanking, however, and Johnny has to get up to hand the hairbrush to him Step-Momma. Elizabeth points out that the pink hairbrush matches his sore bottom, but also lets him know that his bottom is going to be red soon, rather than its current pink tone.

Once the spanking is complete, Step-Momma E tells her sored bottomed step-son to get himself together and meet her in the kitchen. He has dishes to do. As she leaves the room, Johnny rubs his very sore bottom, thinking seriously about the lesson he’s learned today.

Johnny Angel, Miss Elizabeth

Spanking House Productions

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