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I must not play with myself Violet Haze regression session part 3 spr-2033 Mommysarahspanks

Violet and step mommy Sarah have been out shopping and Violet did not behave and so when she gets home she is subjected to an immediate panty check. As suspected they are wet and this brings immediate slapped legs and her being told to change into her little girls school uniform. She is then spanked on clean white panties before these are removed for a bare bottom spanking. Once this is completed she is sent straight to bed. In her night clothes Violet starts to play with her pussy, this is strictly not allowed and she is caught out by step mommy Sarah. Retribution is swift and very painful as she is put over the knee for a real blistering bare bottom spanking.

Violet is now being regressed back to when she was a little girl and she will learn the hard way just what happens when she sasses her new step-mommy. After the corner time and punishment she has bath time where she is soaped and spanked, this is very humiliating exposing her private places to step-mommy. Next she goes shopping with step-mommy and on return punished for sassing Step-Mommy, she gets sent to bed where she plays with herself and is caught and watched by Mummy, the punishments for this terrible act are swift and severe with lots of hard over the knees spankings and tears. Violet also has to submit to regular knickers examinations, Step-Mommy demands that they are clean at all times, if not she will be punished. This is a great spanking packed film with corner time when she is naughty to harsh telling off and lots of bottoms and knickers on show all the time. This film is shot and edited in full 4K to give a perfect picture on your big screen or your phone. Watch out for more in this series from Strand and Spanking Sarah

Sarah Stern, Violet Haze

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