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Hairbrush Spanking and Strapping for Sarah – Mommaspankings

In this custom spanking film, Sarah is in trouble with her mom for doing poorly on a school exam. It is very embarrassing for mom since she was a teacher herself and this reflects badly on the family name. Sarah is told to stand in the corner and wait for mom. She arrives, then asks Sarah to put the Spanking Chair in the center of the room. Sitting on the chair, poor Sarah’s leggings are pulled down before being told to fetch the hairbrush. She takes her naughty girl over the stern maternal lap for a hard spanking with the brush. Sarah is given firm swats with the implement with the first 12 over her panties and the remaining 36 across the bare bottom. The naughty girl is stood back in the corner while Mommy goes to find the leather strap. Sarah is strapped on her hands for doing so poorly on the test followed by a mean strapping on her sore bare bottom. After her punishment is over, she is told to stand in the corner with a bar of soap in her mouth for the poor excuses and lies about why she didn’t have time to study for her test.

Miss Bernadette, Sarah Gregory

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