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Disruptive Raven Disciplined – Mommaspankings

Mom is relaxing and doing her daily yoga exercises. Raven decides that she is going to keep interrupting mom since she wants to go and get a ride to the mall. After checking multiple times, Mom becomes upset telling the naughty girl that if she continues to disrupt her precious yoga time, she will get into huge trouble. Raven continues to have an attitude of not taking her seriously until one disruption too many! After a stern scolding, she goes right over the maternal lap for a hard-hand spanking. She is then told to ask Mommy to spank her with the wooden bathbrush. Raven’s bare bottom, already sore from the hand spanking, receives excruciating swats with the horrible wooden brush until Mom knows her girl has learned a painful lesson. Finally, for added humiliation, Raven is told to stand and reflect on her selfish behavior, bare bottom on full display, while Mom continues with her yoga exercises.

Raven Mackenzie, Samantha Baker

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