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Disciplined by Big Sister – Wellspanked

Lucy’s behaviour had been getting worse since her dad went to work abroad, so bad that one of her teachers called home to explain that the girl was about to be expelled unless she can be disciplined at home. Lucy’s elder sister, Charlie, heard the whole sorry tale and decided to take dad’s place by giving Lucy the spanking she so badly needed. Lucy was summoned downstairs and given the choice between a spanking from her or from dad’s brother, Uncle Peter. Lucy thought a spanking from her big sister would be the better option but once Charlie got into her rhythm, Lucy’s bare bottom began to burn. After a long hard spanking over Charlie’s knee, Lucy was sent to her room sobbing and promising to change her ways. But the very next day, the incorrigible girl took the afternoon off school to go and meet her boyfriend. When Lucy arrived home she found the heavy black hairbrush waiting for her. Needless to say she denied any wrongdoing but that didn’t wash with Charlie and the disobedient little madam was soon back across her knee. After a good dose of the brush Lucy was again sobbing and promising to be good, but this time she actually intended to keep her promise – well at least, for more than 24 hours.

Charlie, Lucy

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