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Dinner Date Disaster – Full Film – Red Cheeks Studios

Clip One: This rather hilarious video features the resident maid, Amy, attempting to serve dinner for her employer and his guest. She starts off by clumsily serving glasses of water, then fumbles around trying to open the bottle of wine. Her employer is clearly frustrated with her actions and even takes over opening the wine. Her serving abilities are extremely poor, and the dinner date goes from bad to worse, soon enough leading to her being bent over the table and spanked in front of the guest…

Clip Two: Second clip in this comical video of the clumsy maid, Amy, trying to serve dinner to her employer and his guest. When her employer discovers she has bought and baked a frozen pizza instead of preparing the dinner from scratch, he gets very cross and bends her over the table in front of his guest. Poor Amy’s little bum gets well and truly roasted as he spanks her again and again, making her ass glow a lovely bright red, but even then he is not done and leaves to fetch a strap…

Amy, Katie, Monty

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