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Caught Red Handed, Spanked Red Bottomed – Punishments Only

Dria and Luci were given an early curfew because they both had obligations early the next morning. I did not – also, I’m the one in charge – so I went to a friend’s dinner party. Dria and Luci decided to stay out later than I’d allowed them, but lied to me about when they got home.

I wasn’t trying to trick them, but the dinner party ended earlier than I’d expected – and earlier than I’d told the girls I’d be home. So when I got home and they weren’t yet back despite having already told me that they were back… I was less than pleased.

The girls wisely choose not to bother trying to excuse their behavior, and immediately fess up. On the one hand, they are owning their behavior, but they are doing so after getting caught trying to lie to me. These girls are in BIG trouble, and they are both going to get the daylights spanked out of them.

Part 1 begins with Luci and Dria being lectured before placed in corner time to reflect on their behavior and the consequences they are about to suffer. Luci gets her pants pulled down to add to her sense of vulnerability while she listens to the punishment beginning with Dria over my knee. The girls are made to switch places several times, with the one not being spanked made to sit on the Behavior Reflection Stool facing her friend being spanked.

In Part 2, the girls each get 30 with the belt, 20 with the cane, and 10 with the paddle. This is shown entirely from the Bottom Cam angle, then shown again from the Face Cam POV. After’s Luci’s 10 paddle swats to TEARS (which is rare for Luci) as well as Dria’s last 20 swats, the thoroughly shaken girls are comforted and reminded that punishments are administered out of love and concern for their well being.

This is then followed up with a Slow Motion montage of these two girls’ beautiful bottoms being beaten into pulp.

Dria Submits, Loren, Luci Lovett

Punishments Only

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