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Lucy’s Slavegirls Part One – Restrainedelegance

Mistress Lucy and her slave girl Ariel are sleeping nude on the bed. Lucy is unbound, asleep hugging Ariel. Ariel is ballgagged, blindfolded, her arms trapped in armbinder. She wears posture collar that is chained to the bed frame. New slave girl Zoe is sleeping on the floor near the bed, her wrists and ankles cuffed and connected with chain that also secures her to the bed frame. She’s posture collared, blindfolded and ballgagged!

Ariel wakes up, struggles lightly and wakes up Lucy with her gag-talk. Lucy caresses Ariel a bit, kisses her cheek and finally starts to release her from her bondage. While doing that she explains she’ll be out for the whole day; she orders Ariel to clean the house and continue Zoe’s training. Ariel asks if she could be not gagged for the day. Lucy is very annoyed at the suggestion and assures Ariel she’ll be gagged immediately after breakfast.

In the meantime Zoe also wakes up, tries to talk through her gag and stuggles in her chains, but is completely ignored as Mistress Lucy gets Ariel to help her dress and get ready for her day. She spanks Ariel over the bed for her impudence, reminding her of her position in the household. She might be in charge of new slave Zoe, but she’s still Lucy’s property! She has to fetch Lucy’s boots and help her into them, then lick them clean and give them a good polish so that her mistress if presentable for the day. Finally, Lucy leaves and Ariel starts to tease and torment the still chained, collared, blindfolded and gagged Zoe!

Amelia Jane Rutherford, Lucy Lauren, Zoe Page


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