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Whipped Whilst Wanking part 1 – SuzannaMax

rabbit has been called into my office, a complaint has been raised about her constantly touching herself and masturbating in lesson time. This behaviour must be eradicated immediately so a brutal swift and harsh punishment is befitting. I ask her outright if the allegations are true, ashen faced she admits that she just can’t help herself. The desire to touch her private parts just consumes her and she is unaware of her surroundings . I instruct her to hold out the hand she uses….. her cheeks are crimson and I can feel the humiliation emanating from her. she holds it up for Me to inspect. Without warning I slap a cold tawse on her unsuspecting skin. she yelps, but I have only just started. One blow after another falls down on her palm, she has to hold her hand up with her other arm as the pain is shooting up her arm. This must be the feeling that comes to her when he private’s start to twitch in class…………….. she cries out but this only shows that the lesson is working. I then tell her to take off her skirt and panties as this punishment is only just getting started!!!

Suzanna Maxwell

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