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Stripped and Whipped – SuzannaMax

rabbit clumsily brings Me a cold beverage to quench My thirst, her fumbling annoys Me and the drink is knocked to the ground. her snail pace to retrieve it annoys Me further so she is slapped extremely savagely across the face. Now I can only assume it was shock that stops he from replying to Me so I wake up with three more brutal slaps. I strip her of her clothes on the top half of her torso and make her present herself to be whipped. Dressed in silk red and black lingerie, stockings and My beautiful leather Arollo boots I look ferocious even without a whip in My hand. I start with two heavy leather floggers, the unrelenting thud on her flesh turns it pink ever so swiftly. I move on to My favourite single tail, slicing through the air and painting her skin red to match My thunderous mood. she starts to scream all too quickly, something else that displeases Me. If you are in My service and training you have to embrace the pain, endure the lessons and crave My wrath. I remind her of this and she tries her best to focus. I build up pressure and rhythm and she keeps her whimpers to a minimum. I bring out the Magnificent Merida, the sharpest and most sadistic of all My whips, one gentle slice from Her and you will be on fire. As the intensity reaches its peak rabbit falls to the floor again, tears flow. Tears for the brutal whipping and of the happiness that she could take it for Me!!!

Suzanna Maxwell

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