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Your Super-Submissive Secretary 4K – Ariel Anderssen Studio

Dressed in short pencil skirt, blouse and red-and-black stockings, I’m working quietly at my laptop in the corner of the office when you call on me to show you my stockings. Of course, in this office your word is law, so I obediently stand up, raise my skirt, and show you my stocking tops. You order me to change into different ones, which I immediately do. As I do so, I can’t help displaying the rope bondage I’m wearing under my clothes as part of a punishment for poor work yesterday. The problem is, that all this tight rope is turning me on, especially now that you’re paying attention to me. So when you order me to put my egg vibrator into my pussy and turn it on, I’m worried that I won’t be able to get any work done. Sure enough, I’m soon absolutely desperate for you to fuck me, and when you tell me to get you a cup of coffee, I really hope that’s not all you’re going to want from me. On my return, I’m delighted to discover you’re already naked and waiting for your coffee-time blowjob. I waste no time in beginning to suck on your hard cock; in combination with the vibrating egg in my pussy, I’m absolutely crazy for you to fuck me! Eventually, you order me to remove the vibrator from my pussy and put it into my ass instead, leaving my pussy free for your very hard, very big cock. I carefully ride you, making sure you enjoy every second. After a while, I flip around, so you can see the vibe penetrating my ass, as I lovingly ride your cock. I LOVE the sensation, and I love the shameful, shameless way that I’m letting you fuck me, right in the middle of the office where anyone could see. I know you’re getting an explicit view of my pussy and asshole as I continue to ride your cock all the way to an orgasm for you. Of course, I know the rules. I’m not allowed to cum yet, so I climb off you, and. insert the vibrator back into my pussy where it’ll stay til the end of the day when you may allow me an orgasm. Then, as required, I wipe cum from your cock all over my face, before going back to my seat to work. How I’m going to manage not to cum, with your jizz drying all over my pussy and all over my face, I do not know. Everyone can see me, sitting in the corner of your office with cum all over me, but I love it; I look exactly like the submissive secretary whore that I am, and I’m all yours!

Amelia Jane Rutherford

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